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Whose worldview?

I'm constantly perplexed. If one is Christian, why isn't that their worldview? Visions of the Greek Palladium come to mind as well as outdoor "preacher groups" as the Greeks loved and divulged in. The Word talks about "being tossed"....perhaps too many books and their promoted ideals is the bait for those who would like us to conform to the world's political correctness...the Word also talks about that. Imperative language is the only thing the world has to express... and the Christian that feels they have to swear at a brother or sister, shame on you!...the fear of God comes to my mind...World views have become you have wronged me, therefore you are classed.....better yet...your ancestors have wronged me, therefore you owe me....I am all about restitution of crimes I've committed.....Paul implores us to forget what is behind and press forward. Run the race for Christ. The Christian Worldview has one corner stone, that is has His love fashioning us, chastising us, sometimes beating us to conform to His perfect will...therefore why should any other format attempt to compete with Him....He loves us therefore we love...there is where the communities of earth lie.

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