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Mo8, the random...

Unplanned, unintentional, unsystematically, hit and miss…the word deliberate being its antonym, this blog is RANDOM. Preferring to think (I’m the one that doesn’t enjoy the radio on all the time just for noise.) I like the quiet. It’s where the spiritual and practical intertwine or operate individually. This is where random thoughts step in. It may be a “thesis” or it may be a one-liner. And yes, the unintentional may won’t be my last social embarrassment.

I hope you enjoy the wonderful artwork of Olivia Leonard (our daughter) once again. If you don’t know, she drew the cover picture for Button Willow – The Traveler. For me, random thoughts always have ellipses. I love using an ellipsis…three dots in a row…giving you the time to think…of the next phrase. Alas, when it comes to the final draft of scripts, I usually delete all of them but not here! Olivia’s art represents our current familial ellipses.


Please feel free to comment – sign up – log in - or visit…if I can figure out the technicality of it.

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