• Kim P Wells


When you have a couple of grandchildren for a few night “sleep overs”, you soon rediscover where you have been.

Potty training revisited; ”Grammy, Mommy only said two squares.”

Continual housecleaning revisited: “Where do your dirty boots go?”

“Mommy says if we eat over the table, we won’t make a mess.” “Yes, but if you eat over your plate, you’ll miss the table!”

Two light ropes and 2X6 make a great swing….makes a great battling ram for your sibling too. Great PyraDanes don’t help either. They can WEE body slam like Doink the Clown vs. The Kamakazee Kid. https://www.wwe.com/videos/doink-the-clown-vs-the-kamikaze-kid-raw-may-3-1993

Play can be considered work but when work comes around it’s never considered play.

Spontaneous hugs and kisses supersede all exasperation.

The number one grandchild request: “Let’s have a snack!”

The number one grandmother response…a grandmother who tries to give up snacks…the great comforter…: “Sure, why not!”

I have created the number one resolve to all disagreements. Unfortunately, it can only be used by grandmothers who live in the wide-open spaces of the country. “Both of you need to hug each other and then go run up the hill to the mail box and back.” A great feat here for a 5 and 2 year old….it does induce longer naps….they try to cheat by the third time around so keep an eye on them.

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