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  • Writer's pictureKim P Wells

During this Covid-19 times all I can recall is assisting our granddaughter Evelyn in her potty training -- She said, "Momma only said three squares!" Wise Momma!

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  • Writer's pictureKim P Wells

Winter's over and my writing goal of another screenplay, Witnessing Maurice, is completed. Hopefully, I will take the time to blog some more since the social distancing has hit the US. We have a new grandchild, Isabelle Kimber Anne Wells; she's Winston and Hannah's little beauty. I'll have to get Olivia to update the above picture. That makes 14 for the Wells Family; three the Lord holds and the eleven that are with us. Who can NOT say, Baby's are Wonderful!

My disability, Orthostatic Tremor, has challenged me this winter but through some hard study and being my own advocate I met with an alternative health doctor today and we're taking a good look at the new studies to assist my challenge. Unfortunately, last June left me in the hospital for a while unable to walk. But today, I'm doing those farm chores again! The go to med for OT is addicting and I'm painfully slicing the dose slowly to obtain a pharmaceutical free lifestyle. It's challenging yet going well.

Unfortunately, I got caught up in a fraudulent horse deal and one of the horse's died shortly after it arrived. You'd think being in the business as long as I was this wouldn't have been a problem. It was quite dramatic and heart wrenching since we in the past have nurtured horses in need back to health before. Now, I only have the pony, Apple. She and our rather large dog Lovie still aren't sure they're friends but I gladly take them for a walk and throw a grand child on Apple.

I''m looking forward to a big garden this year along with the fruit trees. I'm looking forward to outlining Button Willow 2 and start to write it late fall.

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  • Writer's pictureKim P Wells

When you have a couple of grandchildren for a few night “sleep overs”, you soon rediscover where you have been.

Potty training revisited; ”Grammy, Mommy only said two squares.”

Continual housecleaning revisited: “Where do your dirty boots go?”

“Mommy says if we eat over the table, we won’t make a mess.” “Yes, but if you eat over your plate, you’ll miss the table!”

Two light ropes and 2X6 make a great swing….makes a great battling ram for your sibling too. Great PyraDanes don’t help either. They can WEE body slam like Doink the Clown vs. The Kamakazee Kid.

Play can be considered work but when work comes around it’s never considered play.

Spontaneous hugs and kisses supersede all exasperation.

The number one grandchild request: “Let’s have a snack!”

The number one grandmother response…a grandmother who tries to give up snacks…the great comforter…: “Sure, why not!”

I have created the number one resolve to all disagreements. Unfortunately, it can only be used by grandmothers who live in the wide-open spaces of the country. “Both of you need to hug each other and then go run up the hill to the mail box and back.” A great feat here for a 5 and 2 year old….it does induce longer naps….they try to cheat by the third time around so keep an eye on them.

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